Monday, November 26, 2012

Memoires of New York

Lo and behold! A special treat for my lucky 2 and a half loyal followers! Thank you 2 and half loyal followers. I spent my summer in New York for my animation internship, and with it, came a lot of interesting stories from the big apple. So I will share some with you!  

The first installment being a datte I went on in Manhattan.  One night I met this hot chick, Emily, and asked her out on a date, she said yes and it was going great! One of the things we talked about was what if tiny aliens were hiding under old men's toupees in order to control their brain...This is what followed after a very nice dinner. 

So I was taking Emily back to her apartment, we were all lovey-dovey at this point, and I was going to tell her what great time I had with her.. 
but INSTEAD I say 
"You know... you're so easy.."
And she flipped out!!
"I AIN'T easy!"
Then she ran for a cab
 "No wait! I meant you were so easy-GOING!"
 But it was too late!
"Damn it"
 She was gone. And all of a sudden I heard...
There was a homeless man applauding me and apparently he heard the whole thing.
 "Dang boy that was gold! Hey, since you're not taking a cab with her, mind if you could spare some change for another lonely soul?"
 His kind words didn't help my heart, and I never saw Emily again
True story!


  1. DUDE, seriously.... your skills doubled! all your recent posts are sooooo amazing man!