Monday, November 19, 2012

I talk to myself with a robot voice

"Sometimes I like to talk to myself as a robot and we have conversations"
 He has a robot voice

 I don't always agree with myself on certain issues...
 I like daydreaming of speaking with my future robot makes me feel loved!!  Even if the Wizard of Oz denied him from ever getting a heart :(
What's really frustrating is when it just happens without me controlling it, like in elementary school when you couldn't control your ..... in class, and then the period changed, and you had to walk awkwardly through the halls with your binders strategically angled as to cover yourself 
But even worse than that was the time my ex caught me:
"Are you even listening to me??"
Robot ladies aren't as friendly, and this one was a cold hard bot...needless to say we didn't last much longer.